How to Enroll

How Does The Process Work?


Educate Yourself on Medicare –you have a 7- month window to enroll in Medicare, 3 months before your birthday month, your birthday month and 3 months after your birthday month. Use this time to educate yourself before you do anything. A brief appointment with an experienced agent can make pages of information become clear.


Enroll in Medicare A and B—Online at WWW.SSA.GOV or in person at the SS Office 2306 E. Pikes Peak Ave. 80909 in Colorado Springs or at your local office in your community. We can help as well if you prefer.


Meet with an experienced, licensed, agent to familiarize yourself with plans that are available and receive help with picking a plan that fits your particular situation. Pick your plan and enroll. Then relax and count on your agent to stay with you and serve you well with updates, questions or help as needed. We enroll you electronically and its quick and easy.
Recommendation: It is best to enroll in the first 3 months so that your benefits start the first day of your birthday month.


We treat each appointment request with the pledge to do what’s best for you without pressure. We commit to serve you in an honest straightforward manner that results not only in an excellent decision for you, but peace of mind with a job well done. An important part of your life is taken care of with professional excellence.